injured soul


Who am I?

Peace of  mind is all I want

But where in the world will this I find

When I myself can’t tell

Who am I? What’s my plan?

I need someone who would understand

Someone who won’t judge me at once

‘Cause all I’m asking for is an ear

Who will hear my pleas, my fears

All my life I’ve always tried

To be what everyone thought I was

A person who knows what’s right, what’s wrong

Someone whom they could be proud of

I guess I’m the only one who really knows

That I’m just a torn, injured soul

When will I be free to say what I feel?

That I’m afraid, I’m lonely, I’m lost

Would anyone be good enough to understand

That I badly need a helping hand

Would anyone choose to be with me,

if they’d know the real me?

Lament; 08/01/2000


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