When I’ve got a hectic schedule and had to deal with a lot of unreasonable people at work, come lunchtime, I always find myself searching for food that would involve chopstick. For some reason, it relaxes me, keeps my mind wander away from work and kinda make me feel happy.

I guess its one of the weirdness I have. To think that it took me sometime to learn how to use those sticks. I remember the first time we went out for lunch at a Japanese restaurant – Kitaro. Meals started and the only utensil laid out in our table are chopsticks. Everyone was already starting to eat and painfully shy as I am, I tried using the chopsticks even if I don’t have any idea how to make it work. It is still so clear to me up to this day… the way my fingers were cramping.. the way the food keep on slipping before it reaches my mouth.. the way my stomach say, “Food!!! I need food!!!”. After sometime, a co worker who took pity on me (or I think I am embarassing them already), asked a waiter to give me a pair of spoon and fork. That’s the day I say, I’d learn how to use you! You thin simple looking thing! Lol. And I did.  And now, it’s my source of comfort. Maybe I use it as a reminder. No matter how stupid you look the first time you try a thing, no matter how painful it might be, you could definitely fix it. Who knows? Aside from overcoming your stupidness, you might also enjoy the process. 🙂


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