Insensitivity at its best (or worst?)


I attended a meeting in one company this afternoon. In the middle of the meeting,  “nature called” and that’s when I found this post in their comfort room.

I initially find it funny. In fact, I was trying to stop from giggling when I went back to the meeting room. And then I got a bit sad. It was a big manufacturing company and its disturbing to know that they intentionally put that post ‘coz those kind of things really happen! Wow! All I can say is that these things can only be done by insensitive people. Your supposed to share that space!!! It’s like you were given a whole pie to be shared by the whole family. After you got a piece of the pie, you spit on the  remaining pie. Tsk tsk tsk tsk..

Ahhh, hope I don’t get to see anymore of this kind of reminders..Reminder that since you are someone with opposable thumbs and with rational faculties, you should act human. Ddduuuhhhhhhhh….


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