You woke up late ‘coz you slept late since it is tooo damn hot.You had to go to work late ‘coz your acidity is creating a menace in your tummy again. It was hard to look for a ride so you opted to take a fully packed bus, standing on the bus (swaying at times)  for at least 20 minutes thru traffic. You wait and wait (and wait) to talk to someone  and turns out there was an “oreo problem”. Then while talking, you get cut, cut, cut and cut. And cut some more.. Once you arrive at work, you get a post it on your PC saying a report is needed by 9 am (by then it is already 8 am).  To get your brain working, you need coffee, but there is no hot water. And so you say.. “$^#%^$#^%$#^%$#^%$#!!!!”

That is my day today.. And it gets worse.  Needless to say, even before lunch time, I am drained. Physically and emotionally. I was scraping my brain on what to do. How to turn the day into a better one or at least, lessen the stress it brings. I was struggling, scrambling, putting all my effort to turn things around. To no vain, of course.

And so what did I do? l let things be. Accept the fact that this is not my day. Accept that sometimes, $Hi+ happens and it happens to you. Accept that when it rains, it pours. Does that make me feel better? Does that suddenly made me feel a refreshing breeze, removing the heaviness in my chest? Does the heavens open up and angels sing? NOPE. It didnt make me feel better. But it made me stop from aggravating the circumstances. It made me stop from finding fault to what was happening. It sure was not a cure but it effectively stopped the infection from spreading.

That being said, I’m now ranting writing this and enjoying a small plate of boiled highland legumes (without the SMB). Here’s to the hope that tomorrow will be a better day. And if tomorrow turns out $Hi++y again, here’s to the hope that I survive the day again with my head intact and everyone elses head (and bones) intact.

Legume Cheers!


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