Lutong Bahay


I used to be a picky eater. I do not eat kare kare, ampalaya, okra, etc.  I remember that when I was young, I’d rather go hungry than eat the food that I do not like.

I cannot remember the exact time that those things changed but I can definitely remember the circumstances. Our family became broke. From being a bit (itsy bitsy tiny winy bit) well off, we joined the huge count of those in the “isang kahig, isang tuka” stage. Regular earnings become irregular. Invested items are sold. Liabilities files up while assets become non existent. That’s when I learned to eat about anything served on the table. From hotdogs (breakfast, lunch and dinner), betamax  (grilled dried chicken blood), fish crackers (not as snack but as a main dish) and ketchup (nothing to dip. just ketchup with rice.. ).  I know,  i know.. being in a third world country, that might mean we are still better off compared to a lot of people. I’m not being so dramatic. Just tracing the time when I decided (forced, of course!) to eat a wider variety of food.

Now, all those ramblings are just to introduce my love for food. 🙂 We are better off now. We can eat what we want, though not the thousand a piece burgers coz that’s just not right.  Recently, I have started taking pictures of food.  I got a lot of stares, questions, pray overs (hehhehehe) for doing it.  But I do love food and I like taking pictures of them. Let us start with the pics I got here at home.

Seeeeeee??? I already eat okra. And mind you, I sometimes crave for it. In fact,  I sometimes request for a sinapaw na okra (steamed okra), specially if I know we’ve got some siling labuyo  and soysauce ready to be made as a dip. 🙂

And here are so sinfully high in calorie, tooth achingly sweet cupcakes. I don’t like them.. I’m not into sweets. But I still know how to eat it.  (Remove the icing then eat.. ehheheheh)

Some of the delivered foods from a local resto. In instances when nanay feels like or rather, doesn’t feel like cooking. Hehehhehe. (Pata tim, Paksiw na lechon, other things I cannot identify ‘coz they honestly taste the same.. )

Yummy breakfast… Egg, hotdog and hash brown.. Good for the taste buds, Bad for the acidity.

We also like to grill… But no more betamax for us… 🙂

And of course, the desserts….

Though I love to eat, I don’t know how to cook.. All the things here are either cooked by my dear Nanay or my two sisters. Me? I bought the ice cream.. Though not my choice of flavour. Obviously, it’s nanays. Hehehhehe


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